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How to generate a strong password and why it important to change it?

Make sure to use a solid password is an advice we continually hear – But it what is truly meant? Here’s the way to make a solid password but also, how to recall it as well as why it is important to change it regularly.

Utilizing a password manager aides here, as it can make solid passwords and recall them for you. However, regardless of whether you utilize a password director, you’ll in any event need to make and remember a solid password for your password manager.

With all websites asking you to register today, people tend to use the same one for all their activities on the web which in turn increase damage of a hack – You must implement better practice !


There are various password managers and Dashlane is most likely the best decision for the normal individual. They have simple to utilize applications for each and every stage, they coordinate with each internet browser, and the basic pack is 100% free. In the event that you want to synchronize your password between various gadgets, you’ll have to move up to premium service, however we suggest testing the free form out on your primary PC first.

Setting up multiple combination

The most important tip in order to create a strong password that is not easy to attack with dictionary attack or brute force attack is setting your password with a combination of lower case letters, upper case letters, special character and number all in one password. This way you will have the strongest password possible.

Try to mix it up your let’s take an example: if you try “house” it is very easy but if you mix it up like “456houSe@$” it is a very strong password.

To sum-up:

  • Has characters minimum 12: There is no password length but you should go for password between 10-14 characters minimum
  • Must Include Symbols, Capital Letters, and Lower-Case Letters and numbers
  • Must not be a dictionary word or combination of dictionary word
  • Don’t rely on substitutions that are obvious: Like “h0use” here you have replace o with 0 which is not strong case

Why it is important that you change your password on regular basis?

It is suggested by the security experts that you should change your passwords after 60 days.

  1. Limits breach to various accounts

Reusing your password for another account, expands danger of access to another accounts if your password is hacked. Change your secret key to something one of a kind for every one of your accounts.

  • Prevent consistent access

A programmer may endeavor to get to your record more than once over some stretch of time. Changing your password decreases the hazard that they will have access to your account.

  • Prevents utilization of saved passwords

On the off chance that you lose or change PCs, it is conceivable somebody may access your saved passwords. Regularly changing your secret key implies that regardless of whether somebody finds an old, saved password, it will never again be valuable.

  • Limits access by keystroke lumberjacks

A keystroke logger is surveillance innovation used to record keystrokes. Usually used to take login certifications. If you change your password on regular basis it means password breached by this way will not be any more useful to that attacker.

In a nutshell, change your passwords regularly is the first step to ensure the safety of your accounts.