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Best Private search engines to help protect your privacy

Search engines are an essential piece of our lives, however every time you type an inquiry into Google, your pursuit information is recorded. Google records your IP address and uses following treats to make a computerized profile of you, your catchphrases, the exact time of your questions, and the connections that you pick, and afterward stores this data in a database which it uses to target you with ads.

What this induce is a complete disintegration of your protection and an ascent of control on the web. Each time you make a question, you uncover a gigantic measure of individual data that is amazingly significant to advertisers, the administration, and lawbreakers, every one of whom would love to utilize your private information for their own profit.

Your protection truly matters, so here are some web search tools that truly regard your security:


If you are a privacy conscious DuckduckGo is the best choice for you. It does not maintain any log of data about you. So, it has become a popular option for the ones who wish to browse anonymously. It does not contain any identifier to know if there is any unique user or log user so, certainly it does not have any mean to know if the searches being made is coming from the same system or different one.


Qrobe gathers search results from Bing, ask and Google in a single interface. When you search something, their engine provide existing search results.


BitClave is founded by LG electronics former chief security officer. It is built on the ethereum blockchain to protect user privacy. BitClave gives clients an experience similar to a typical search engine, yet allows clients to choose the agency over data they want to share with advertisers while likewise furnishing the business with a progressively limited publicizing target.

BitClave disposes of ad brokers by empowering smart contracts legitimately among clients and online advertisers. BitClave boosts clients by giving clients Consumer Activity Tokens (CAT) as a byproduct for generating searches that are related to the advertiser, so clients receive something as a byproduct of being publicized to.

The end-result with BitClave is an internet searcher that regards your privacy and is vigorously custom-made straightforwardly toward you, furnishing you with a safe, private, and ideal client experience.


It is one of the few other than BitClave that does not track your IP and searches you made on StartPage search engine. They believe that you have every right to protect your privacy and the searches you made should not fall into the hands of advertisers. The only real solution to internet security is not to store data of the consumer.


The yippy search engine also regards your privacy, so they don’t record client information. However, Yippy is distinctive on the grounds that it naturally arranges query results and disposes of inappropriate outcomes. Yippy additionally enables clients to directly categorize content in comparison to other web search engines, including jobs and news, while also not throwing ads in your face.


Hulbee, as other web search engines on the list, does not create user profiles based on IP or searches or build unique identifiers. It uses machine learning techniques to extract the abstracted context of keywords, thus provide the user with search results that user finds close to his intent. Hulbee is a semantic search engine along with taking your privacy very seriously and respecting your safety; it is an innovative and cool piece of tech.

All the major search engines have large databases of user profiles and thus cause annoyance with targeted marketing, a search engine like the few mentioned above are a blessing for all the internet privacy enthusiasts!